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Learn From The Experts

I visited SNUG Silicon Valley last week. This annual Synopsys User Group event a...

Custom Chip Verification Issue

With the transition to finFETs, design conditions have grown more intense. They ...

Blog Review: March 29

In a video, Cadence's by

Manufacturing Bits: March 28

Dental implants Borrowing some of the same processes used in t...

System Bits: March 28

Automating biology experiments with adapted Lego kit To bring ...

Power/Performance Bits: March

Storing solar energy as carbon monoxide A team at Indiana Un...

EDA Revenue Up 18.9%

Marking the highest quarterly revenue increase in 5 years, the Electronic System...

Supporting CPUs Plus FPGAs

While it has been possible to pair a CPU and FPGA for quite some time, two t...

Biz Talk: ASICs

eSilicon CEO [getperson id="11145" comment="Jack Harding"] talks about the futur...

EEMBC Offers Benchmark for Blu

The Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark C...

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China: Fab Boom or Bust?

A frenzy of activity is causing lots of speculation about how this complex market will evolve.

What Does An AI Chip Look Like?

As the market for artificial intelligence heats up, so does confusion about how to build these systems.

Big Data On Wheels

As the market for chips in cars grows, so does the amount of sensor data that needs to be processed.

Patterning Problems Pile Up

Edge placement error emerges as the top issue at advanced nodes.

The Week In Review: Design

Andes IPO; automotive physical IP; energy processing unit; PCIe with AXI bridge; certifications and IP for TSMC 7, 12nm.