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Calypto Design Systems, Inc.
Supplier of ESL and RTL design, verification and power optimization tools


Calypto focuses on development tools that are generally at higher levels of abstraction than RTL. The company was originally know as a pioneer in the sequential logic equivalence checking (SLEC) field, which enables an untimed description of functionality to be formally compared to an RTL description. This tool is an essential element in the creation of an Electronic System Level (ESL) design flow supported by high-level synthesis (HLS) which transforms an untimed description of functionality into RTL. Mentor Graphics transferred its CatapultC HLS tool to Calypto in return for a majority share of the company. The company uses a combination of these technologies to perform both static and dynamic power analysis at RTL and either automatically or manually optimize an implementation.

  • Founded by: Anmol Mathur in 2002
  • Founded by: Devadas Varma in 2002
  • Founded by: Gagan Hasteer in 2002
  • HQ: San Jose, CA, USA
  • Known for: Sequential Logic Equivalence Checking, High Level Synthesis, Power optimization
  • Web: URL
  • Other names: Calypto Design Systems, Calypto
  • Entity Type: Company


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