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Accellera Systems Initiative
An industry standards organization covering electronic design automation (EDA) and intellectual property (IP).


Accellera Systems initiative was created through the merger of Accellera and Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI).

Accellera is an industry standards organization covering electronic design automation (EDA) and intellectual property (IP). The technical work is carried out by volunteers from EDA, IP, semiconductor manufacturing companies and design houses.
Accellera was formed in 2000 as the merger of Open Verilog International (OVI) and VHDL International (VI). The SPIRIT consortium was merged into Accellera in 2009. In 2011 it merged with Open SystemC Initiative (OSCI) and changed its name to Accellera Systems Initiative.

Accellera has a partnership with the IEEE where standards and technical implementations developed by Accellera Systems Initiative are contributed to the IEEE for formal standardization and ongoing governance.

In 2013 it assumed governance of the OCP 3.0 standard.

  • Known for: Verilog, SystemC, SystemVerilog, Open Verification Library, OVL, Verilog-AMS, Property Specification Language, PSL, Unified Power Format, UPF, Interfaces Technical Committee, ITC, Standard CoEmulation Interface, SCE-MI, Universal Coverage Interoperability, UCIS, VHDL, Universal Verification Methodology, UVM, OCI, IP-XACT, Transaction Level Modeling, TLM, SCV, SWG, SystemC-AMS, CCI,
  • Web: URL
  • Other names: Accellera
  • Entity Type: Standards Group


  • Accellera Systems Initiative invented SCV in 2014
    • [Note: SCV 2.0]
  • Accellera Systems Initiative invented Verilog-AMS in 2014
    • [Note: The final version of Verilog-AMS based on IEEE 1364-2005]
  • Accellera Systems Initiative invented UVM in 2011



Deprecation of:

  • Accellera Systems Initiative used to be known as Accellera until 2011
    • Name change with the incorporation of Open SystemC Initiative


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