Sensors Enable ADAS

Under the hood, cars of today look nothing like those of a few decades ago. There are sophisticated safety and drivetrain monitoring features, software for interpreting and interacting with the outside world and modifying the inside environment, and a host of features that might have seemed impossible or even ridiculous in the past. And there's much more to come. Advanced driver assistance s... » read more

Rolling Out Automotive Security

The automotive world has traditionally been a secretive place as automakers made it their mission to hold design plans as close to their vests as possible. With complexity in the automotive design process, that tradition has been changing as automakers work ever more closely with their ecosystem. In one example, Adam Sherer, product management group director for automotive safety in the S... » read more

Securing The Car

"The bigger and more high tech a company is, the easier it is to use the front door." --Nomi, Sense8 As the quote above — from the Netflix sci-fi show Sense8 — reminds, as technology as infiltrated our lives as never before, ‘bad guys’ will try to get access to places we don’t want them to, and once they figure out how, it can be easy to cause a lot of damage by using the very sy... » read more

Blog Review: Feb. 18

Ansys' Justin Nescott digs up the top five engineering articles of the week. A thermal mapping microwave may make finding cold centers in nuked food a thing of the past. Plus, in hospitals your next meal might be delivered by a robot. Worried about your car being hacked? Maybe you should be. Mentor's John Day pulls out important points from the recent security report on wireless-enabled vehi... » read more