Chip Advances Play Big Role In Cloud

Semiconductor engineering teams have been collaborating with key players in the data center ecosystem in recent years, resulting in unforeseen and substantial changes in how data centers are architected and built. That includes everything from which boxes, boards, cards and cables go where, to how much it costs to run them. The result is that bedrock communication technology and standards li... » read more

Need Emulation Now? You’ve Got It

Did you know that the way companies use hardware emulation has changed? Until recently, companies had no choice but to house their emulators in a lab and hard wire them (using lots of wires) to other supporting hardware and workstations dedicated to a single project at a time. The emulator and its set up was accessible to users at only that location and switching between projects was difficu... » read more

Requirements For Datacenter-Ready Emulation

It’s time to look at what the latest trends in emulation are and to review some of the key requirements to make it datacenter-ready. Specifically, I will look at virtualization of external interfaces as well as emulation throughput, specifically the allocation of jobs into emulators. One overarching trend in verification lies in the connection of the engines in what Jim Hogan has dubbed t... » read more

New Metrics For The Cloud

Data centers are beginning to adjust their definition of what makes one server better than another. Rather than comparing benchmarked performance of general-purpose servers, they are adding a new level of granularity based upon what kind of chips work best for certain operations or applications. Those decisions increasingly include everything from the level of redundancy in compute operations, ... » read more

Low-Power CPUs Hitting Their Stride In The Datacenter

By Ann Steffora Mutschler Without a doubt, the cloud has and continues to change the nature of the datacenter, particularly the requirements the infrastructure has to deliver. Diane Bryant, senior vice president and general manager of the Datacenter and Connected Systems Group at Intel, noted during a Webcast last week, “The infrastructure must change in support of cloud-based services.... » read more