Experts At The Table: Does 20nm Break System-Level Design?

By Ann Steffora Mutschler System-Level Design sat down to discuss design at 20nm with Drew Wingard, chief technology officer at Sonics; Kelvin Low, deputy director of product marketing at GlobalFoundries, Frank Schirrmeister, group director of product marketing for system development in the system and software realization group at Cadence; and Mike Gianfagna, vice president of marketing at At... » read more

The Future Of Manufacturing

Semiconductor Manufacturing & Design's Mark LaPedus talks with Randhir Thakur, general manager of Applied Materials' Silicon Systems Group, about what's changing in the foundries, in the equipment necessary to create ICs, and in the structures and materials used in those ICs. [youtube vid=y_b5G6J6UwU] » read more

New Reliability Issues

By Arvind Shanmugavel Reliability of ICs is a topic of growing concern with every technology node migration. With the onset of the 20nm process node from different foundries, reliability verification has taken center stage in design kits—and for good reason. Reliability margins have continued to decrease and have reached an inflection point at the 20nm node. The design and EDA communities ha... » read more