System Bits: Oct. 20

Automating big-data analysis Until now, big-data analysis consisted of searching for buried patterns that had some kind of predictive power but picking which “features” of the data to analyze usually required some human intuition. Now, however, MIT researchers are aiming to take the human element out of big-data analysis with a new system that they say not only searches for patterns but... » read more

Printed Electronics Gets Serious About Manufacturing

A leading indicator in the coming-of-age saga of a new technology is the enthusiasm to be in the business of supplying manufacturing infrastructure. To sell infrastructure, there needs to be a belief that there are several customers out there. At the recent IDTech conference for printed electronics, the transition to manufacturing was clear based on those who presented and some notable absences... » read more

How to Print an Electron

By Michael P.C. Watts Printed electronics does not involve printing electrons, but you get the idea. Every start up and corporate research group have their own version of printed electronics using different semiconductors, dielectrics or metallization strategy. As usual, I like to focus on patterning. There are 4 patterning strategies, conventional resists and imaging, imprint, flexograph... » read more