October 2014

The Week In Review: Design

Tools Mentor Graphics rolled out an extension to its PCB design platform that allows for synchronization of processes across multi-board systems. The new tool captures logic and system definitions for boards, cables, backplanes, cable assemblies, sensors and actuators. Cadence introduced a dynamic characterization solution for mixed signal blocks such as PLLs, data converters, high-speed tr... » read more

The Week In Review: Manufacturing

STMicroelectronics announced mixed results for the quarter. The company also launched a plan to cut $100 million in costs. As part of the plan, it is reviewing the implications to its process technology efforts following the recent announcements by its research alliance partners, namely IBM. STMicro is one of the main drivers of FDSOI technology. The company’s FDSOI partner is IBM, which is s... » read more

Filling In The Gaps For Mixed-Signal Verification

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss mixed-signal verification with Haiko Morgenstern, Mixed-Signal Verification Group Staff Engineer at Infineon; Dr. Gernot Koch, CAD Manager at Micronas; Pierluigi Daglio, AMS Design Verification Flows Manager at STMicroelectronics; and Helene Thibieroz, AMS marketing manager at [getentity id="22035" comment="Synopsys"]. What follows are excerpts of t... » read more

Week 21 – Visiting Detroit

Who would have thought I’d end up sitting outside in the sunshine in downtown Detroit writing the first draft for my next blog. I’m here with a few of my Mentor colleagues to attend SAE Convergence and to have a discussion with GM about a possible DAC keynote. Stay tuned (and keep your fingers crossed) — I hope to tell you more about that at a later time. SAE Convergence is a two-day conf... » read more

SoCs For Safer Cars

Renesas electronics has been developing a specialized automotive electronics business and recently rolled out an LSI (large-scale integration) management system including LSI, R-Car (an SoC for next-gen entertainment) and V2H (vehicle-to-home) for ADAS (Advance Driving Assist System) systems. These management systems have higher management functionality than traditional systems. Figure 1. ... » read more

Executive Insight: Lucio Lanza

Lucio Lanza, managing director of Lanza techVentures, a former Intel engineer, and the 2014 Phil Kaufman Award winner, sat down with Semiconductor Engineering to talk about the shrinking number of startups, future investments, new opportunities in EDA, Moore's Law and the Internet of Things. SE: You're one of the last VCs still actively investing in EDA. Why? Lanza: There are several indi... » read more

Are Models Holding Back New Methodologies?

Semiconductor Engineering sat down to discuss the state of the industry for [getkc id="101" kc_name="modeling"] at abstractions above [getkc id="49" kc_name="RTL"], a factor which has delayed adoption of [getkc id="104" kn_name="virtual prototypes"] and the proliferation of system-level design and hardware/software codesign. Taking part in the discussion were Frank Schirrmeister, group director... » read more

Applied-TEL Deal Faces Delays

Applied Materials’ proposed move to acquire rival Tokyo Electron Ltd. (TEL) faces a possible delay. The blockbuster deal could get pushed out until next year amid a host of complicated regulatory issues. As reported in September of 2013, Applied Materials announced a definitive agreement to acquire TEL in a stock deal valued at around $9.3 billion. Under the terms, Applied Materials would ... » read more

A Dream For The Future Of Real System-Level Design Validation

"I have a dream…that one day…all SoCs will be free…of bugs and verifying them will be a walk in the park. I have a dream…that one day…all software engineers will be able to validate their software on pre-silicon hardware at the speed of light, delivering fully functional embedded software “before-on-time” for tape-out. I have a dream today…Well, if not today, how about first ... » read more

Blog Review: Oct. 29

Ansys' Bill Vandermark uncovers the top engineering articles for the week. Check out the tractor beam in Australia that can push and pull objects and Naim's soundbar that may act like a gateway drug to bankruptcy. It may sound counterintuitive, but ARM's Jakub Lamik draws a direct link between bandwidth consumption and power consumption and explains that's the case. Samsung's Farhad Tab... » read more

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