A unique role that enables candidate to work on entire EDA product lifecycle, from development (Product Engineering) to deployment (Application Engineering). Product Engineering involves development & validation of EDA products, gaining in-depth domain expertise in the process. Application Engineering involves using the acquired domain knowledge to solve leading edge SoC design challenges across Semiconductor Industry.


Learn and apply knowledge in areas of ASIC/SoC Physical Design, Custom circuit design, and Power/signal/reliability integrity for :

Product Development & Validation

•Work with Customers / IP-providers / foundries to understand design challenges for emerging applications & technology-nodes (7 nm & beyond) and develop EDA spec
•Work with R&D to develop Ansys-Seascape platform: Semiconductor Industry’s First Big-Data Platform!

Product Deployment for Chip-Designs

•Work with Customers to deploy EDA products across leading edge SoCs to address Power/Signal/Reliability challenges at 16/10/7 nm.
•As domain experts, provide consultation to optimize overall system design for reliability/performance/cost.

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