We are seeking an engineering manager to lead a team dedicated to the integration and deployment of a complete virtual Advanced Driver Assistance Systems ( ADAS) simulation platform for the testing of autonomous vehicle systems under different environments, conditions and traffic scenarios. The successful candidate will lead by example to integrate the various software components of a complete ADAS solution such as detailed radar/lidar/camera models, policy/control software, world scenes creation, vehicle dynamics, HPC/Cloud deployment, etc. The successful candidate will be a member of a world class solutions engineering team that is helping create safe system designs in the ever more complex, connected, and autonomous automotive world.



Lead by example a team of software professionals whose objective is the integration of all software components needed for the complete closed loop simulation of and autonomous vehicle:  virtual terrain, scenarios, sensor models, perception/fusion/planning software, vehicle dynamics and control software – all developed on a cloud platform
Achieve milestones according to delivery schedule
Verification and validation of the tool chain
Mentors and trains team members on ADAS simulation methodology and deployment utilizing personal experience and industry best practices

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