Autonomous vehicles will drive millions of kilometers in the virtual world before the first driverless cars hit the road. ANSYS is building the software toolchain to demonstrate safety in the virtual world prior to commercial deployment. We invite you to manage one of our teams that will enable this disruptive technology. You will manage a 10-people software development team with interactions with customer’s development teams as well as ANSYS teams from remote locations. The Large-Scale Scrum working model insures effective collaboration. As Product Development Manager you ensure the proper execution of the Close-Loop Simulation work items of your team who works in close collaboration with a larger group of 30 developers and scrum masters distributed amongst several feature teams. You have direct hierarchical responsibility of the 10 developers from the Close-Loop Simulation team with objective to deliver clean, readable and well documented code, per the specifications.



Responsibility of a development team
Supervision of all technical aspects (software technology bricks, life cycle, choice of technologies and their architecture …)
Staff management as part of your team (recruitment, interviews …)
On time and quality delivery of content, risks analysis and recovery plan definition
Development of the skills of your team as well as the follow-up of their adequacy with the needs of ANSYS Management of careers …)
Animation of team meetings and participation in product governance and compliance with internal procedures and dissemination of best practices
Responsible for the use of your resources via the staffing plan.

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