We are seeking to hire a skilled Software Developer II for the development of ANSYS CFD solver’s parallel architecture and other high-performance computing infrastructure areas. The Software Developer II will help define technical directions and develop products, working closely with other team members and ANSYS teams to ensure the capabilities meet ANSYS strategic needs and our customer requirements.



The position involves developing and maintaining functionality related to the ANSYS CFD solver’s parallel capabilities and other high-performance computing infrastructure areas. Responsibilities include:

Parallel solver architecture
Parallel implementation of CFD algorithms and physical models
Parallel implementation of mesh-related algorithms and partitioning methods
Development and maintenance of message-passing libraries
Development of algorithms suitable for computing on GPGPUs
Development and maintenance of parallel file I/O
Development of automatic error detection and recovery utilities
In addition, the incumbent will optimize the CFD application to achieve high performance for clusters running the Linux and Windows operating systems. Implementations will be optimized to support both shared and distributed memory platforms. It is expected that the incumbent will work with hardware vendor partners in tuning the application, as well as porting the application to new hardware including processors and interconnects, and software such as cluster tools and run-time systems.

To be successful in this role, you will need to maintain a level of technical excellence in the area of parallel processing for CFD through the evaluation of current literature, participation in technical conferences, publications, and interaction with colleagues in the field.

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