The meshing team is seeking for a talented R&D engineer for mesh generation and geometry algorithm development. You will be part of a team responsible for research, design, development, and evolution of meshing technologies for ANSYS applications. The initial goal will include surface meshing and speed up various workflow from CAD to simulation providing efficient algorithmic solutions. This work covers all stages of code and capability planning, research, creation and evolution, and requires working closely with other members of geometry, meshing, and solver teams.


•Design, create, review, maintain and extend geometry algorithms for meshing for Multiphysics simulations.
•Work efficiently in a complex mixed-language code base, mostly written in C/C++, on Windows and Linux.
•Improve both robustness as well as speed and memory performance of software for processing large scale and complex real-world CAD geometries.
•Perform testing and benchmarking of implemented features and investigate problems discovered by QA or product support and develop solutions.
•Participate in and collaborate with other development, documentation, and testing professionals in all phases of the software development life cycle.
•Research and understand the requirements for a commercial product, including target environment, performance criteria, and competitive issues.

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