As part of its development, ANSYS OPTIS is recruiting a Simulation Software Engine Engineer. Integrated within a team of developers, you participate in the development of middleware kernels of our Realtime framework used in our virtual reality products such as driving simulator, ADAS autonomous vehicle with our physics-based sensors integrations, Head-up display…



As part of your missions, you develop and maintain technical modules and participate in their integration and industrialization in our products allowing the deployment of physically correct simulation on different virtual reality platforms.

You participate in the pre-development study and estimation phases,
You develop as a team in C#/C++ with development software tools,
You develop unit tests and non-regressions tests and participate in the writing of the technical documentation and internal demonstrators,
You collaborate with other teams dedicated to software quality, user documentation and customer support,
You participate in architectural maintenance, benchmarks, and the evolution of internal development tools (networks, mathematics, multithreading, datamodel persistence with their version management …)

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