Applied Materials

We are seeking an experienced etch engineer to drive Ion Beam Etch (IBE) and traditional Reactive Ion Etch (RIE) projects.  The ideal candidate would have experience in both areas, but experience in one area is sufficient.

Key responsibilities:

Develop IBE and RIE processes from initial conception for new integrations, through product prototyping, and finally providing manufacturable solutions to the production organization.
Develop new IBE/RIE processes and techniques to solve novel integration problems.  Drive solutions that are cost effective and manufacturable.
Develop and apply innovative techniques to characterize IBE/RIE hardware and aid in the ongoing development of etch hardware for a range of applications, within safety guidelines.
Design experiments, collect and analyze data, and compile reports on significantly complex process engineering experiments for a range of processes and products.
Train junior etch engineers on how to effectively define and implement new methodologies, define and apply new technologies, and/or troubleshoot and resolve significantly complex process engineering issues/problems for a range of processes, integrations, and products
Work in a collaborative R&D environment with individuals from different disciplines and/or business units.
Interact with key customers to resolve significantly complex process engineering issues for a range of products to address our customers High Value Problems (HVP)
Generate internal and external documentation for products, presentations, technical reports for integrated products and generate process engineering specifications for integrated products.

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