Applied4Tech Applied Materials, Inc.

Key Responsibilities:

Die Singulation Process by laser dicing tool.

Die package assembly.

Drive innovative techniques to characterize hardware, define methods and new technologies and apply them to characterize hardware, and/or perform hardware characterization on significantly complex systems for a range of programs, within safety guidelines.

Design, collect data, analyze and compile reports on significantly complex process engineering experiments for a range of products, within safety guidelines

Design and implement new technology, products and analytical instrumentation

Train engineers, define and implement new methodologies, define and apply new technologies, and/or troubleshoot and resolve significantly complex process engineering issues/problems for a range of products

Develop, plan and execute process engineering projects for a range of products

Interact with key customers to resolve significantly complex process engineering issues for a range of products to address our customers High Value Problems (HVP)

Generate internal and external documentation for products, presentations, technical reports for integrated products and generate process engineering specifications for integrated products

Define and validate film measurement techniques. Train engineers on the techniques and guide them in the interpretation of the data


Functional Knowledge

Regarded as the technical expert in laser dicing/die singulation field
Demonstrates in-depth and/or breadth of expertise in own discipline and broad knowledge of other disciplines within the function
Business Expertise

Anticipates business and regulatory issues; recommends product, process or service improvements

Leads projects with notable risk and complexity; develops the strategy for project execution
Problem Solving

Solves unique and complex problems with broad impact on the business; requires conceptual and innovative thinking to develop solutions

Impacts the direction and resource allocation for program, project or services; works within general functional policies and industry guidelines
Interpersonal Skills

Communicates complex ideas, anticipates potential objections and persuades others, often at senior levels, to adopt a different point of view
Qualifications: 7 – 10 years in backend assembly process.

Bachelor’s Degree or higher in related field