Applied Materials


Develop cutting-edge processes used to manufacture the most-advanced semiconductor chips, many of which are inside everyday electronic devices
Process technologies:  Chemical Vapor Deposition, Atomic Layer Deposition, Plasma Reactive Ion Etch, Physical Vapor Deposition, anneals
Design both hypothesis experiments and design of experiments (DOE), analyze data with statistics and compile reports with high level conclusions on technically challenging process engineering experiments
Perform hardware characterization on a variety of advanced systems and provide guidance to design engineering authority, within safety guidelines
Troubleshoot a variety of complex problems, perform multiple root cause analysis and resolve a variety of difficult process engineering and customer product issues
Generate internal and external documentation for products, presentations and technical reports
Interact with customers to resolve a variety of difficult process engineering issues, up to including oral presentations to customers
Execute problem-solving learning cycle: define problem statement, devise experimental plan and select characterization techniques with which data will be collected, perform experiments, perform measurements, process and analyze data, draw conclusions based on data, execute if necessary a follow-up learning cycle based on conclusions
Measure film properties and interpret data to drive concise conclusions
Identify, select and work with vendors and suppliers
Implement new technology, products and analytical instrumentation


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