Joining Arm as a Design/Verification Engineer, you will work as a member of the System IP team focusing on next-generation IPs used in products like self-driving cars, 5G mobile phones, and cloud computing. Your work will influence high-end mobile, enterprise and automotive markets in our Arm ecosystem. Our team contributes to the specification, planning and coding of RTL and UVM based testbenches for high-performing, energy-efficient system components used in servers, autonomous vehicles and 5G wireless devices. Through this opportunity you will gain expertise in FuSa (functional safety) automotive standards and verification/design challenges introduced by 5G technology.  Collaboration with our other Austin-based CPU and System IP engineering teams will lead Arm to high quality IP that integrates into a complete system.

What will I be accountable for?

Our team owns the design and verification for one or more functional blocks, and we are responsible for the quality of delivery throughout all related engineering project phases including:

Develop System Verilog/UVM testbenches for the block-level, functional verification of units within Arm System IP, such as controllers.
Build and maintain detailed verification plans.
Generate and run test cases on logic simulation models.
Debug functional errors in the RTL model, using simulation and debug tools with an in-depth understanding of the architecture and RTL design of Arm’s System IP.
Define and implement functional coverage and improve the testbench and ensure coverage closure.
Develop and maintain design specifications and write high-quality RTL.
Analysis of data from simulation runs using machine learning and data science techniques to drive efficient bug discovery and debug.
Promote and demonstrate the Arm core beliefs and behaviors.

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