ARM is world renowned for designing energy efficient processors. These processors are the brains in billions of applications ranging from sensors to servers, including smart phones, tablets, enterprise infrastructure and the Internet of Things. Working side by side with the leading technology companies across the globe, the CPU group specifies, designs, and validates all of ARM’s processor IP.

As a CPU Lead Architect, you will be part of a talented Austin-based processor design team where you can make a significant contribution. You will be focused on Arm’s high-performance CPU designs for the infrastructure market, targeting servers and networking in the cloud and edge computing markets.

You are an industry expert on server/datacenter/cloud/networking who can evangelize Arm products and gather, understand, and pragmatically prioritize CPU features for the Infrastructure markets. You are a CPU architect who can coordinate with or lead CPU project teams to ensure key Infrastructure-oriented features are investigated and implemented.

You will work with infrastructure partners to understand their workloads and challenges to help us define and deliver great products for the cloud, 5G network, and edge computing. You will be a key liaison with customers to conceive, investigate, and specify new features and innovations for infrastructure products. You will work to develop the architecture, technology, and supporting system IP such as interconnects to deliver high-performance solutions. You will contribute to the requirements, specification, micro-architecture, and design of high performance, energy efficient microprocessors.

Our team employs leading-edge technologies and methodologies to ensure the highest quality products. Your close collaboration with other Arm engineering teams will lead to complete IP solutions to address the performance, power, and cost requirements for the infrastructure market.

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