As the industry’s leading supplier of microprocessor technology, ARM provides efficient, low-power chip technology making electronic innovations come to life.  Our employees contribute to a rich ecosystem by designing and developing CPUs, graphics processors, complex system IP, supporting software development tools, and physical libraries.  These contributions enable more than one thousand ARM partners to ship over 10 billion leading-edge ARM-powered processors each year.

Our research group plays a central role in identifying gaps in current technologies and in conducting world-leading research to fill those gaps.  We collaborate closely with product development teams and a large network of external researchers in both industry and academia.  With a diverse set of skills distributed across the globe, our researchers drive leading-edge innovation in a broad range of areas.

We are currently seeking highly motivated researchers to join our Austin team.  Our architecture and systems research activities cover a wide range of disciplines including mobile and laptop personal computing and applications; server, cloud, and HPC computing; emerging memory technologies; interconnects; formal specification and verification methods; design and analysis of security protocols; safety requirements; fault tolerance; exploiting parallelism with vector, SIMD, throughput, and multicore architecture; and machine learning and computer vision.  We are seeking individuals with a keen interest in one or more of these areas with demonstrated skills of innovative research.