Brewer Science

Generate original and novel device application (including: equipment, instrument, and IOT) ideas that lead to a strong IP portfolio and innovative product development.
Design a project based on the ideas; and execute and lead the project, in order to develop a new product.
Track and report progress to management using project management software tools.
Develop and improve device fabrication equipment and synthesis instruments, and, test methods, including custom-built test fixtures.
Improve device equipment and instrument design, fabrication and characterization methods to ensure stable and consistent device performance.
Learn market/customer needs on device based equipment applications, and update the prototyping processes to meet customer needs.
Communicate to internal functional organizations and to customers efficiently regarding the products through presentations, live demo, etc., in order to support product business.
Coordinate with materials team leader to troubleshoot materials needs for new and developing products.
Coordinate with fabrication team leaders to communicate device support needs.
Facilitate communications between GIA-NBD and other internal groups regarding support and improvement of hardware and software.
Identify the components, devices, and, processes that are required to develop a product work/collaborate internally or externally to fulfill those requirements.
Develop software, graphical user interfaces (GUI), and hardware drivers that operate with a degree of reliability suitable for distribution to external customers.
Mentor and supervise junior team members.

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