We are looking to fill 3-month internship positions starting in the summer of 2020 ideally June or July. The Clock Team works closely with other groups in Cadence on the Innovus place and route tool for physical design engineers.


A significant proportion of the work within the team is research based with the goal of improve one or more of the Power, Performance or Area (PPA) characteristics of the optimized circuits that the tool produces. We are looking for Interns who can carry out small, well defined research projects with this goal in mind.


Projects will typically involve:

1. Gathering and analysing data from the tool in the area of interest

2. Implementing and testing an optimization in the tool in C++ to improve the outcome. Such optimization would likely involve machine learning techniques.

3. Gathering data from the optimized code and presenting data on how well the proposed optimization works with respect to improving PPA.


Interns will be supervised and supported by an experienced member of the development team who will find a project that fits and will guide the Intern through the process.

Internships will be based at the Cadence office in north Cambridge, UK.

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