As PV engineer, this person  will be responsible for product validation [quality engineering] with following activities:

• Develop accuracy test cases for DRC/LVS/FILL rules based on foundry decks, TSMC/Samsung…etc

• Develop & execute the test plans for Pegasus DRC/LVS/FILL areas

• Create new test cases to verify/validate new features/enhancements

• Integrate CCR test cases/customer tests as part of regression suite to verify accuracy for each test cycle

• Work with PEs and R&Ds to review code quality, provide assessment on quality gaps and create and integrate test cases to fill quality gaps

• Work with PEs to integrate customer test cases as part of regression suite

• Maintain regression tests for regular test cycles and report failures in CCMS

• Validate and close fixed CCRs

• This person should have effective personality & communication skills to work within the PV group, and with cross functional groups [such as R&D and PE]

• This person should be able to work independently, being able to collaborate remotely with team members outside of Ireland.

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