The Position Description is…Perform Product Engineering work for Genus Synthesis Solution,  logic synthesis software used for synthesizing a design described in a high-level language into logic gates.
Involved in internal Software development and Validation.
Support the field engineers in Cadence Design Systems, Inc. and its customers in using Genus. In addition, interface between R&D and customer as the first line of support for the R&D and the customers.
Understand the future requirements of the software by interfacing with the internal and external customers of RC and document the Product Requirement Specifications (PRS) for newly developed features using the standard documentation software.
Understand the internal flow within the Genus Syntehsis Solution (Genus) for newly developed features and verify the correctness and perform experiments to determine an optimal solution.
Provide support to verify the interoperability of Genus with other Digital logic software tools within Cadence Design Systems, Inc. to provide seamless flows.
Test, develop and help deploy Genus synthesis solution. Work would involve solving new and challenging problems in physical aware synthesis space with the goal to bridge the gap between logic synthesis and place and route.The Position Requirements are…Using the knowledge of programming languages including Verilog, VHDL, Tcl, Perl, Unix-shell scripting support the development and testing of the Genus Synthesis Solution. Should be knowledgeable about Synthesis (logical and physical) and static timing analysis.
Knowledge of place and route tools is desired, especially early stages of placement and prototyping.

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