Do you want to help invent the future of computer-aided design automation using machine learning techniques?

Cadence has a 25-year history of applying leading edge optimization and analysis algorithms to extremely complex problems in semiconductor and electronic design, verification, and analysis. The Cadence Virtuoso group has a team to explore the application of Deep and Machine Learning techniques to Electronic Design Automation [EDA] tools, as well as the application of EDA/Computer-Aided Design algorithms to Deep Learning software. We are looking for exceptional individuals skilled in Software Engineer and Machine Learning. We desire a team player with excellent communication skills who is as comfortable discussing Deep Learning research as with developing APIs for innovative new software.


Primary responsibilities include researching and developing Machine Learning approaches to problems in the EDA and system design, as well as designing, implementing, verifying and maintaining software to address those markets. The ability to interact with a worldwide cross-functional team and collaborate productively is a necessity. A strong software engineering background is mandatory with emphasis on Python, Unix-based development, Cloud-application creation, as well as some experience with C/C++ or another Object-Oriented language.

Graduate school or work experience with advanced Machine Learning techniques such as adversarial learning, bayesian optimization, genetic algorithms, sequence to sequence deep learning, and reinforcement learning are highly desired.

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