Technical field support for Cadence Digital and Signoff Group (DSG) products. Support Cadence digital tools across the full RTL-GDSII Cadence digital tool suite with primary focus on Cadence’s front-end solutions.

These support roles include the following operations and requirements:

·         understanding customer needs and identifying solutions to their challenges with Cadence digital design tools.

·         Manage strategic customer  to establish technology differentiation and assert Cadence competitive advantages.

·         Multiplex several issues and set priorities and exploit new technologies are essential for success in the position.

·         Assist customers with adopting Cadence Back End tools in Synthesis with Genus, Place & Route with Innovus and Static Timing Analysis with Tempus by providing methodology and tool knowledge to IC design process, validated through successful design tapeouts.

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·         Drive best practices and lessons learnt from  and customer interactions back in to product development and Cadence field engineers.

·         Develop an understanding of the customer’s needs and also of the competition’s technology and sales strategies.

·         Perform methodology assessments, improve existing design methodologies, and develop new ones that leverage Cadence technology and services.

·         Create and conduct technical presentations and product demonstrations to customers.

·         TCL/Perl Scripting to achieve quick Design Automation solutions for customer.

·         Close collaboration with R&D on issues using established protocols.

·         Communicate with customers on issue workarounds and new tool fixes.

·         On-site customer “office hours” when local, is a MUST-HAVE.

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