This opportunity is for a Customer-facing Product Engineer. You will be part of a highly efficient and independently-minded team of engineering professionals focused on our top customer’s success.  Strict deadlines, systematic debug, educated decision making, and crystal clear communication are more than mantras, but a way of life.  We continually move the needle, constantly re-assessing our progress with a clear end game in mind.

For this role, you are a tech-savvy front-end engineer, an expert in the full RTL to GDS.  You will represent R&D in front of customers, and represent customers in front of R&D.   To that end, you will engage demanding customers in proliferating our products, bridging the gap between field activities and R&D.  You will run benchmarks, extracting the most out of the tools to meet customer requirements.  You have a solid understanding of the trade-offs between optimizing for timing, area, and power.  You will regularly present our technology both internally and externally.  You will provide regular updates up and down the management chain, tuning the messaging and details appropriately. You can troubleshoot ambiguous problem statements, narrow down root causes, discover acceptable workarounds, and translate the issue for R&D to go fix.

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