CyberOptics is a leader in 2D and 3D sensing solutions for a wide range of challenging applications in the electronics industry. Our sensors very likely inspected components in the computer you are using to read this announcement.

We are looking for a Senior Embedded Software Engineer to join our software team. A Senior Embedded Software Engineer is responsible for the architecture and implementation of embedded software for CyberOptics sensors. A Senior Software Engineer generally works at the direction of a Software Architect or Systems Engineer.

Core Responsibilities
· Design and implement embedded software for various sensor projects including new product development.

· Design and implement unit tests and stress tests for validation of embedded software.

· Document firmware architecture and communications interfaces.

· Work closely with Electrical Engineering to debug and troubleshoot PCBA’s during board bring up, utilizing electronics troubleshooting tools such as logic and protocol analyzers and oscilloscopes.

· Work closely with Software Engineering as they develop PC applications to control the sensors.

· Provide support for legacy sensors, including designing and implementing solutions to challenges found in the field.

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