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Imagination Technologies

Applications Engineering is a team of highly motivated and knowledgeable cross discipline engineers dedicated to delivering world class customer service and technical knowledge on Imagination’s solutions to the leading technology companies around the world.

This is an excellent opportunity to work in a high-profile role in the company. You will interact with regional sales and support offices, and partner with engineers across a variety of technology divisions in this an Applications Engineer – Embedded Software role. You’ll be responsible for providing the technical support on Imagination’s Intellectual Property (IP) solutions.

After an initial training period you will be responsible for key customers, alongside other team members, in a dynamically changing landscape, adapting to customer requirements and creating potential solutions.

You Will

Provide proactive technical support for our IP products
Guide and support customers through selection of IP, product development, from the excitement of first-time power up, through debugging, to final product
Work with high profile customers (and their customers) on impactful and market leading projects, including managing requirements/issues with the addition of new features, applications and performance analysis
Take ownership of our key software products (e.g. Neural Network Accelerators) and provide expertise of the technical details and implementation of these products to other members of the team
Create documentation and train customers in the use of product deliverables, such as SDKs & DDKs
Discuss and provide solutions for customer issues covering quality assurance, stability, performance, the running of applications, operating systems and more
Improve future IP roadmap decisions by providing active feedback from customer experience back to Product Management team

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