This is a Software Engineer position to work on OMD division’s Archer, ATL and MTD  products based on ATLAS software platform.



Essential Responsibilities:

1. Acquire and demonstrate technical knowledge of OMD product software.

2. Perform requirements analysis, software design, development and unit testing

3. Participate in requirements definition and review process. Provide Technical assessment of the impact of any changes to product requirements.

4. Providing technical expertise to the estimation process as input to the project plan

4. Acquire knowledge of key use cases in Optical Metrology

5. Follow KLA defined software development processes (CMM)

6. Understand and make changes to existing software.

7. In conjunction with the technical Lead, highlights, reviews and mitigates technical risks

8. Contributes to the continued improvement of the organization’s development procedures, by looking for opportunities for improvement and proposing ideas for solution.

9.Ensuring that detailed designs, code, and unit tests, are consistent, robust, future-proof and scalable.

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