KLA is seeking a motivated individual for an engineer position in world-class algorithm group within the reticle product division (RAPID).

•This individual will utilize his/her skills in Fourier optics, mathematics, and software to develop algorithms to be integrated into KLA’s state of the art inspection platforms.

•Responsibilities of this position include develop optical modeling of the inspection systems; improve formulation and calibration for better accuracy. This requires abstracting specific tasks into generic mathematic problem and finding customized algorithm solutions; balancing between rigor and practicality through comprehensive data analysis.

•This person is expected to bring forward creative ideas, develop production code and provide support as needed. This candidate shall be able to work independently as well as work within a project team; provide input to hardware group on image quality and error budget base on Algorithm design and performance; engage constructively with marketing on product requirements and provide training to application team.

•Significant experience in C++ production software development and object-oriented programming is essential.

•The candidate is expected to possess good oral and written communications skills to interact with other development and applications engineers daily.

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