The Product Engineer role is responsible for driving design changes, sometimes fundamental ones, in order to optimize serviceability, cost-of-service, as well as service revenue and profitability.  This requires a strong understanding of system design for serviceability, as well as cost-of-service and other service profitability drivers.  Works closely with Tech Support and with field data in order to fully understand how our tools are operating in the Field, but must also be fully integrated into advanced hardware, software, and algo development teams.


Key responsibilities include:

Work seamlessly with the development team on design challenges relevant to Service (Diagnostics, Reliability, Matching, Stability) and key elements of prototype testing
Influence Designers to include features that optimize KLA’s Service business: Cals, Diags, CoS, reliably, IP protection
Act as 2-way conduit between design team and tech support and service personnel
Support X-Ray CD tools –Troubleshooting, Data Analysis, Stability and Matching
Perform 8D Analysis and troubleshooting including learning and standardization
Support Field upgrades and PLC phase exits
Support Service Readiness Review prior to key PLC phase exit checkpoints
Diagnostics Testing
Service Remove & replace, Recovery Document review and DCR support for new products
Support product ramp for NPI worldwide
Ensure tooling and functionally tested FRUs released and available prior to tool shipment
Product specific responsibilities:
Design for service
Building/testing prototypes/early shippers
Co-develop documentation with engineering
Service Requirement Document definition and execution
Diagnostics definition and testing
Calibrations definition and testing
KTTS Parameters definition, testing
Early shippers/Beta launch support, PM Validation and rollout
Training task list development with training group
Release troubleshooting guide and drive COS reduction CIPs Roadmap

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