This individual will serve as a key optical/systems engineer in KLA’s Electron Beam (E-beam) division with the aim of identifying and developing current and next-generation tools to support the division’s and KLA’s overall roadmap.

The successful candidate will:

Drive hardware and technology development from the initial concept and design phase, through prototyping, productization and the hand-off to manufacturing.
Design hardware or experiments for charged particle system characterization and critical risk retirement of those systems.
Debug test setups, execute experiments, collect and analyze data and present results to stakeholders.
Critically analyze KLA’s current E-beam semiconductor systems to identify focus areas for improvement and perform data reduction, analyze results, and present findings.
Create systems requirements, including mechanical, electrical, and software, for E-Beam improvements and communicate them across KLA’s engineering teams.
Work to source key systems components such as hardware, guns, columns and detectors.
Will be instrumental in troubleshooting these systems as they are developed and establish the metrology and diagnostics needed to understand and efficiently utilize these highly complex tools.

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