KLA Wafer Inspections tools process hundreds of terabytes of data every day. This data is acquired and processed using massively parallel distributed processing clusters to drive big data analytics and visualization to provide actionable information to our customers. We are looking for a talented software architect that can help us design, implement and productize the next generation software systems infrastructure powering the Broad Band Plasma wafer inspection systems.

We are looking for an experienced Software Systems Architect to join the BBP SW team. The candidate should be well versed with various SW architectures and their implementation on hosting environments to help drive technology selection decisions for our diverse web, micro service, and big data applications.

You will be responsible designing scalable framework for distributed processing, multi-threading, data movement from disk to cache framework to disk, across sub-systems and systems. The framework has to be scalable in terms of cost per performance. You will be responsible for evaluating, validating and optimizing system performance with this framework. The performance and reliability of this infrastructure is core to Broadband Plasma tools and algorithms used for next generation Big Data analysis.

You will be responsible for the following high level objectives: Map throughput requirements for all subsystems. Evaluate HW/SW tradeoff for meeting throughput requirements. Design distributed processing, multi-threading, data movement from persistent store to memory to store, across sub-systems using diverse network protocols. Recommend scale up and scale out solutions. Evaluate, Validate and Optimize System Performance.

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