The High Performance Computing (HPC) group in LS division of KLA operates in the very challenging environment of the rapidly evolving semiconductor industry. The group architects the computing infrastructure to support the image processing, AI and data analytics workload for KLA’s Wafer Inspection Systems to meet the demanding and sometimes conflicting constraints on cost, performance, reliability, and serviceability.


HPC System Software Engineer will report to the HPC group and will be responsible to collect system requirements, architect, design and prototype HPC cluster systems and software, as well as perform system integrations.  The engineer will engage vendors to down select the compute components like CPU, GPU, network components and develop infrastructure SW to be used in the cluster. The engineer will collaborate with system engineers to bring up this cluster and release the design to MFG and Service organizations by providing diagnostics, procedures and training.


This position is a unique combination of computing HW hands-on and computing infrastructure SW engineering that is challenged to deliver cost effective and reliable HPC/AI solutions to advance KLA’s wafer inspection capabilities. The successful candidate will collaborate with a team of talented hardware, algorithm and software engineers to build the world class computing platform for LS/Swift division of KLA.

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