The RAPID division is the world leading provider of reticle inspection solutions for the semiconductor industry. The company provides inspection solutions to both the mask shops and the semiconductor fabs to ensure that lithography yields are consistently high thus enabling cost-effective manufacturing.


As the lead system engineering manager on a next-generation reticle inspector using electron beams, you will define the top-level system specifications, allocate requirements to the subsystems, calculate the system error budget, define and resolve interfaces and working parameters for the optimum hardware/software performance of the tool.
Apply systems engineering principles to predict tool performance to find areas for system improvement. You will apply logical and systematic conversions of the customer & market requirements to define this tool’s required operating point.
Define and document system and sub-system level allocation of requirements and interfaces. Ensure that future design modifications & upgrades do not violate the chosen operating point within the overall constraint space.
Manage a small but experienced team to support system optimization at all levels in the tool definition, design, implementation and test.