Lam Research

Drive the creation of the EA function. Promote the business value of this capability, its processes, and the results of the EA program to business and IT leaders. Lead the development and implementation of enterprise architecture models based on business strategy and requirements.
Lead the fusion of business and technology architectural domains. Establish standard frameworks, processes, and models that facilitate coherent capability roadmaps. Ensure these plans include business and IT operations as well as practical lifecycle considerations.
Partner with business leaders to understand the competitive and financial levers that drive our business. Identify potential threats and opportunities for digital transformation with the intent to guide technology investment decisions.
Lead efforts to discover and/or design as-is and to-be business models through business stakeholder collaboration. Apply new and emerging technologies in concert with domain architects and business subject matter experts.
Continually scan for major disruptive technology and nontechnology trends that affect business. Provide advice and best practices to overcome these challenges and successfully deliver the expected business outcomes.

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