Lam Research

Responsible for performing advanced metrology applications development and support within at least one key area of the KTC metrology lab (including CD and analytical SEMs, optical film/spectroscopic ellipsometry, FTIR, resistivity, CV-IV, unpatterned defect inspection on a wide variety of film types, and other metrology techniques depending on need, inclination and expertise).


Also responsible establishing and leading a high achieving team of metrology (application and equipment) engineers and technicians in a fast-paced, matrixed environment.  You will have a lead role in recruiting an entirely new team for a new R&D facility which must excel in technical and operational excellence. Closely interface with a wide array of semiconductor process technologists operating at the highest technical level to deliver world-class metrology solutions and analytical results that are aligned with requirements.


Contribute to critical workflows by satisfying advanced application development requests and developing novel metrology approaches; performing regular evaluation and tracking of key metrology assets using SPC methods is central to this role.


Design and conduct independent experiments and tests as needed. Define problems and objectives, develop approach, analyze results and provide recommendations. Plan, conduct and direct complex projects or major phases of significant lab development projects related to metrology.  You will also need to interface closely with operations teams to satisfy workflow demands 24/7. Utilize the technical expertise you are recognized for within the industry to further the capabilities and reduce the time needed to generate end-customer solutions within Lam.

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