Lam Research

Job Responsibilities
The CoRE NCG Rotation Program is a rotational assignment program for recent graduate-level college graduates interested in jumpstarting their career in a cutting edge industry known for its innovative practices. This program is aimed at identifying Lam’s next generation of visionary technologists and business leaders.  Individuals selected for this program will spend 18 months working on a variety of projects in various team environments.  This will typically involve three 6-month rotations with hands-on projects designed to maximize exposure in key areas including field service and customer interface, manufacturing and operations, and product design and development.  These on-the-job assignments, are supported by specialized training, networking opportunities, leadership development and mentoring by experts in the field.  It is a highly visible and competitive program in which excellent academics, prior work experiences and a well-rounded education are the keys to the success.

*Multiple opportunities are available, and both in Tualatin, Oregon and Fremont, California.

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