Lam Research

Job Responsibilities
Production Test Tech IIIs perform setup and testing/calibration of semiconductor Wafer Fabrication Equipment (WFE). They utilize a variety of tools, diagnostic equipment and computer-based testing instructions to ensure that equipment meets design specifications and customer requirements. Test Tech IIIs prepare technical reports and summarize findings related to technical problems experienced while testing and troubleshooting circuits, components, instruments, and mechanical assemblies. Test Tech IIIs may assist in identifying deficiencies in processes/procedures. They escalate production issues to lead technicians, supervisors and engineering, ensuring productivity goals are met.

● Measure resistance/continuity/voltage by using digital multi-meters.

● Create detailed MFG tasks covering skipped steps, document abnormal conditions and tool reminder

● Set up specialized equipment (leak checker/dummy load/bird watt meter/VI Probe) by gathering required fixtures from on the floor shelves/storage bins

● Provide feedback on work instructions utilizing the redline process

● Perform leak checks (vacuum, water, pressure decay) by utilizing appropriate equipment (i.e. fixtures) and procedures (Cell Fusion and KM Matrix); verify check completed by utilizing the proper indicator (I-mark, gauge, etc.).

● Access and update Configuration Editor settings by utilizing sales order/BOM (SAP); identifying components on tool by visually inspecting the tool and reviewing the pass down; cross-reference with sister tools; and utilizing all resources available

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