Lam Research


Role Description

You will partner with product engineering, logistics, supply chain, manufacturing and sales operations teams to deliver packaging solutions that optimize customer and company requirements for product protection, material handling, transportation, cost, installation cycle time and foreign trade compliance.


This position supports Lam’s global direct materials suppliers and manufacturing operations.


Directly develop or manage the outsourced development of packaging and crating designs using standardized processes (design review, engineering change creation and approval, first article)
Participate in product design reviews to influence product design as it relates to design for logistics.  The packaging engineer is the logistics voice in the product design process.
Follow packaging and labeling specifications and best-known methods (BKMs)
Drive compliance with SEMI and other regulatory requirements (e.g. customs, dangerous goods, sustainability) as well as industry standards such as ISTA and ASTM.
Drive product and package testing utilizing Lam and/or industry standard testing protocols (ISTA, ASTM) to validate packaging designs.
Develop packaging and crating strategies that minimize total supply chain costs (material, labor, transportation, handling, storage, pack/unpack cycle times).

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