Lam Reseearch

Recipient of PR coded as Obsolete Component from Technical Review
Check rationalization opportunities that may affect engineering solutioning.  Consider if multiple PRs should be combined for single source of truth and if cloning is needed for multi PG.
Using OMAT, review part ecosystem for that PR to identify PN/Buy NHA and all suppliers affected.
Perform comprehensive material assessment and add additional information to OMAT and PR
Accountable to partner with suppliers to resolve obsolescence issues.
Contact supplier to determine what type of commercial solution is available (i.e. revised forecast, part support tied to ongoing business, price negotiation, etc.)
If able to resolve commercially, but with cost impact,Add comment in PR detailing cost impact, available inventory, ability to buy quantity at specific price & for specific time, and any other pertinent information and complete commercial solution
Material Assessment Solution Owner details solution and justifies/recommends closure of PR
If no commercial solution available, mitigate material oversights and capture current status in the PR
Ensure comprehensive material assessment complete in OMAT and forward the PR to OB PM within PR Cycle Time goal based on PR urgency.

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