Maxim Integrated

Maxim is seeking an IC Design Engineer to support the full product life cycle. Our goal is to design and develop industry’s leading state of art analog centric products. We are happy to share following opportunity at Maxim India in Core Products Group.

Job Description:

Design and Develop Industry leading analog products with complete end to end design ownership
Complete responsibility of transistor level designs, block architectures. It includes analog IPs like opamps, comparators, references, LDOs, filters, interfaces, I/Os etc
Full chip understanding for blocks specification, design partitioning and top level hookup.
Simulate/Verify designs using circuit-level and behavioral-level. Transient, DC, AC, Stability, Noise, PSRR analysis.
Guide layout engineers. Verify post layout designs with back annotating parasitics.
Validate circuit performance in the lab.
Write circuit documentation. Support production test development.

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