Maxim Integrated


Job Description:

10% Working with product definers and design lead on definition and specification of serial link mixed signal ICs consisting of the following blocks: high speed serializers and deserializers, continuous-time linear equalizers (ctle), clock data recovery (cdr) circuits, decision feedback equalizers (dfe), high speed output drivers; oscillators, phase-locked-loops (plls), and dividers; bandgaps, references, and low-dropout regulators (ldos) digital signal processing (dsp) blocks, state machines, and various mixed-signal blocks.

10% Architecting and performing feasibility studies for the aforementioned individual blocks.

25% Designing the aforementioned individual blocks to specifications.

5% Preparing and conducting design reviews.

5% Performing layout supervision. –

5% Performing layout extraction and re-simulation –

5% Managing schedule and deliverables for design and layout of individual IC blocks. –

5% Performing and managing quality assurance tasks, especially relating to esd, latch up, and life-limiting parameters like current density and other electrical rule checks (ercs). –

10% Managing IC characterization and verification in the lab. Work  with product engineering team to complete necessary tasks. –

10% working with product and test engineering teams to transfer ICs to production. –

10% support customers. – 10%

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