Maxim Integrated


Job Description Summary:


Plans, designs, develops and tests software systems or applications for software enhancements and new products including cloud-based or internet-related tools. Most companies should be able to match to a specific software development engineer position. Use this position if company does not breakout software development positions such as Software Engineer (Applications) (5141-5146) or Software Engineer (Systems) (5161-5166).

Job Description:

Maxim’s Industrial & Healthcare Business Unit is seeking a firmware engineer to be part of a highly motivated and dynamic product development team developing firmware for our USB and video extension products from Icron Technologies – a Maxim Integrated Brand. This individual will report directly to Icron’s Firmware Team Lead to develop firmware for Icron products in a highly agile and dynamic environment. In this role, you will be working closely with the Business Management team to develop firmware solutions for our world leading products.


Responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

Detailed design, coding, testing and integration as per requirements
Work with Business Management team to understand customer requirements including feature enhancements and issue resolution
Lead feasibility study of customer requirements and their overall impact
Work with Verification team to make sure customer requirements are met following implementation
Take ownership of design & implementation
Participate in peer design and code reviews
Documentation of all work

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