Maxim Integrated

Job Description:

Strong grasp of DSP techniques including adaptive filtering, equalization and their efficient implementation.
Understand of end-to-end optical communications systems, including optical channel impairments, and state of the art receiver techniques to overcome such impairments.
Able to work efficiently in MATLAB and Simulink, is a requirement, while familiarity with other modeling platforms such as VPI Photonics is beneficial but not strictly required.
Full technical grasp of single-carrier and multi-carrier modulation formats like M-QAM/PAM-N, or DMT.
Optical direct detection, coherent detection, and the fundamental digital signal processing DSP algorithms such as polarization de-multiplexing and clock/carrier recovery, is required.
Deep understanding of HF IC Transceiver architectures, design & tradeoffsHybrid optical/electronic packaging
Optical alignment
Deep understanding of signal integrity, electrical channel modeling, optical device modeling and channel modeling.
Experience with optical transmission system design and optimization including analog RF front end circuits such as Drivers, Trans-Impedance Amplifiers TIA, limiting amplifiers, etc.
Ability to communicate effectively with circuit designers and accommodate real-world impairments into system models.
Experience with optical modulators such as VCSEL, FP, DFB, EML, SiPh MZM-Interferometers, their characterization, modeling and packaging.
Proactive, collaborative and creative approach to innovation, technical development and consensus facilitation to influence optimal project results.
Excellent time and task management, and inter-personal skills.
Willingness to travel when required.

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