Maxim Integrated

Plans, schedules, coordinates and/or monitors final approval of products through the complete production cycle. Works from engineering plans and production specifications to establish production schedules, labor loading, and capacity requirements. Coordinates production plans to ensure materials are provided according to schedules. Master Scheduler: Provides input to management; schedules and/or interfaces with marketing, sales, production and engineering managers. Works to resolve (in case of design changes) labor and material shortages, backlogs and other potential schedule interruptions. Oversees the master schedules and ensures comprehensive compliance with materials requirements for manufacturing.

Job Description:

Responsibilities and Duties include but are not limited to:

Weekly meeting for quality, yield and delivery goals.
Set the road map for automotive quality improvement.  Work with QA team to fulfill automotive quality requirements.
Work with supply chain team to create flexibility across various foundries to ensure product continuity.
Resolve any urgent issue related to the foundry.

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