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Job Description:

The NPI Specialist develops and implements plans for transitioning product designs from product development to manufacturing and to customer delivery.

– Leads NPI cross functional teams to bring new design into manufacturing

– Creates and effectively deploys the manufacturing core teams of procurement, material planning, quality, test and manufacturing engineering.

– With R&D: follows PLC and related design cycle milestones. Participates with R&D for: DFM (e.g. PCB fab, fabricated parts in general), DFT, DFA, and DFR

– Responsible for project planning, scope, schedule and identification of resource needs

– Responsible for monitoring and executing the project schedules

– Monitors and manages schedule changes

– Balances project resources, scope and schedule as more is learned about the project

– Coaches and applies PLC process knowledge in project plans, checkpoint and project reviews:

– Identify risk areas and mitigation plans.

– Set up the product in the Product Data Management Tool (Arena).

– Make product shippable. Ensure products released to CM are at shippable level per PLC guidelines.

– Ensure all documents are properly archived and up to date upon release and maintained.

– Drive and support early failure analysis workin coordination with QA and R&D.

– Support R&D new product builds and qualifications.

– Involve Suppliers in R&D designs (e.g. CM, Fabricators, OEM’s).

– Manage the process of working with R&D in the creation of bills of material for newproducts via RTM, RTP Releases, ECO’s, using Arena.

– Create and manage budgets for Capital and Expense in support of the OPS NPI.

– Manage/Coordinate OPS involvement with the prototype and early production runs of new products (Europe and US):

– Involve MFG team for ramp-up management.

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