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Job Description

Company: SISW – Mentor
Job Title: Development Test Engineer – SI/PI – SISW – MG
Job Location: Longmont, CO
Job Category: R&D/Software Engineering


Work as a member of the Analysis & Verification product development team (for more info on the tools we create see www. with a specific focus on quality testing of the resulting product.


·         Create and run smoke tests that can be run quickly and often to increase our ability to find new defects or regressions.

·         Create test plans to exercise new product functionality manually to stress the product by investigating corner cases, misuse, error conditions, etc.

·         Sponsor quality process and proceduresthroughout the entire product lifecycle including inspections, requirements and quality improvement.

·         Develop/Enhance and maintain regression harness and automation framework required to automate testing of our products. Perform detailed manual tests.

·         Escalate functionality issues and consequences to management in a timely manner.

·         Provide detailed description of procedure steps to reproduce the issue and estimation of behavior with description of expected and actual results.

·         Learn the product line and itsenvironments, master new tools including third parties ones as needed. Record past verification and validation efforts to ensure reproducibility of results.

·         Assess technical capability of product, including ease of use, functionality, reliability, and performance.

·         Test product for defects and limitations, and boundaries. Review functional and design specifications and other project documentation.

·         Review internal and external product and release documentation and provide appropriate input to others, e.g. documentation teams, third party providers, etc.

·         Review issues from customer support when needed and provide work-around where possible. Coordinate efforts with extended product development and release teams

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