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Responsible for engineering efforts needed to successfully process product through the Test and Burn-In departments to include, but not limited to, the design and development of all necessary test hardware and software. Help maintain and control the use of the Automated Test Equipment (ATE), standard bench test equipment, ovens, and other department equipment used within the Test and Burn-In departments.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities:

Analyze device specifications, customer Source Control Drawings (SCD’s), Standard Military Drawings (SMD’s), and other pertinent documentation to determine which test platforms and / or equipment should be used to best process a particular product through the Test and Burn-In departments and to devise practical, cost effective solutions for full compliance to all electrical test requirements;

Review all appropriate documentation to provide thorough quote information to the Sales department of the engineering efforts required, including any needed NRE’s, to process potential business;

Define, develop, debug, and implement all major elements of electrical test programs for specific device types utilizing high-speed ATE and compliant test methodologies;

Identify and develop alternate sources for test services and software to include the specification of requirements, vendor qualification, RFQ review, and software certification;

Generate written documentation to include test hardware schematics, engineering drawings, standards, specifications, data analysis, and technical reports. Produce all pertinent test kit documentation and peer review the documentation of other engineers;

Work independently on small or moderately complex test engineering projects or assist on large complex test engineering projects;

Design and develop moderate to complex factory test equipment, fixtures, and hardware interfaces. Coordinate programming of automatic factory test equipment and the checkouts of test programs for both completeness and accuracy;

Conduct experimental investigations as to test methodologies, test fixture design and development, product yield improvement, process quality controls, etc. Analyze experiment results and initiate / implement solutions;

Provide technical analysis of internal, vendor, or customer related product issues. Participate in the resolution of any issues found;

Communicate with customers relative to the completeness, repeatability, and accuracy of test programs. Review apparent issues and propose solutions if needed;

Assist with routine calibration, preventative maintenance, and minor repairs of the ATE systems;

The incumbent is expected to be constantly aware of the economics of the business and competitors, devoting efforts to control costs within allocations and reducing costs wherever feasible.